Saturday, November 26, 2011

Finally Done!

I have finally finished my final project for integrating technology!  For my stand-alone audio, I chose to tell a story about baking cookies with my mom when I was younger as well as reading a poem I found on baking cookies.  I used the regular audio recorder on my pc to record the video which was a little difficult.  I had to speak directly into the microphone in order for it to be loud enough to be audible.  The audio clip ended up being just over two minutes which was perfect for the time requirement for the project.  The next part of the project that I chose to do was the video without audio.  My friends and I decided to show the ingredients to make cookie dough.  We showed how much of every ingredient was to be used as well as when to add everything to the mixture.  This video lasted about six minutes.  I decided to use my iPhone to record this because that would produce the best quality video.  I later imported the movie onto my friend's macbook to use iMovie.  We muted the video so that any background noise would be eliminated.  I later recorded an audio over the video recording using the macbook using iMovie.  The final part of the project I did was the video including audio.  For this portion I did a "how to" video on baking cookies.  I recorded my friend using my iPhone again going through baking cookies step by step.  I later imported this to a macbook in order to use iMovie.  The editing process didn't take very long and iMovie made it very simple to upload the videos onto the computer as well as onto the blog.  I uploaded both video portions of the project but I still have to upload the stand-alone audio portion from my pc.  All together, I was very skeptical about how I was going to complete this project but I found that using my friends' MacBooks made uploading the project very simple.  I now know how to upload videos to a blog and record audio over a movie clip.  Integrating technology into a classroom is a method I now see myself using because I can now see how simple it is.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Final Project Progression

At first, the final project was a bit overwhelming and I wasn't sure how I would be able to edit my videos and audio considering I am so technologically challenged!  One I the major challenges I thought I would have is using a pc to edit all of my video and audio as opposed to a mac.  In class, we talk about all of the advantages of using a mac computer and how easy it is with programs like imovie so I was nervous as to how I would be able to put the whole project together.  The audio portion was very simple.  I just used the sound recorder on my computer and it was very simple to edit although there wasn't very much to edit.  I then decided that I would use windows movie maker to edit my videos.  When I went home a few weeks ago, I recorded my friend baking cookies for the instructional video.  I also recorded the portion of the project with the ingredients needed to bake a batch of cookies.  I have not yet begun editing the videos but have uploaded them onto my computer with windows movie maker.  So far, I see the project coming together nicely and the only problem I forsee is with the editing process!  Hopefully the project will turn out to be successful!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Final Project Proposal

-Proposal:-For my final project I propose to use the very simple task of baking cookies.  Although a very simple task, I will instruct my viewers/listeners on the ingredients needed in order to bake cookies, the cook time, temperature of the oven, and pretty much everything that goes into the preparation and process of making the final product.
-The video-based presentation focused on instruction to show students the how to or the why:
-I plan to videotape myself with all of the ingredients to bake a basic batch of chocolate chip cookies set out on a table.  I will then go by the step by step process to making the cookies including what to set the oven to and when the cookies are ready to be taken out of the oven.  The video will serve as a tutorial on the basics of chocolate chip cookie baking.
-The video-based presentation that is informational, one that would deliver content to the students:
-I plan to do a shopping tutorial on where to find the different ingredients in the grocery   store and what ingredients to buy in general.  I will videotape myself going through the grocery store finding each of the materials needed to make chocolate chip cookies.  I will go through the grocery store silent and add audio into the video later.  I will later record an audio file explaining the different ingredients and where to find them in the store.  I will also explain how much of each ingredient is to be used in the recipe.
-The stand-alone audio presentation:
-I plan to tell a personal story about how baking cookies with my mother was always a favorite activity of mine and how it allowed us to share time together while she also taught me a valuable skill: baking.  Along with the personal account, I will read a poem entitled “Baking Cookies” by Carrie Heyes (listed below) to relate to the experience.  I may also add another component to the audio and add in the ingredients and directions for making another type of cookie rather than classic chocolate chip.
-The built in audio presentation:
-As I said earlier I plan on incorporating this portion into the video about the different ingredients necessary to bake chocolate chip cookies and where to find them in a local grocery store.

 Baking Cookies

I was warned that this would happen as I stirred the cookie dough.
“Now, if you eat too much of it, a pain inside will grow.”
I didn’t really listen as the ingredients swirled around.
I took a nip to try it; a better taste could not be found!

I couldn’t stop! I ate and ate… a spoonful here then there.
Before I knew it, most was gone; the bowl was almost bare.
I looked down at my belly. It stuck out beneath my shirt.
And that is when the pain began, the ache - the awful hurt.

“It hurts!” I clutched my tummy as I sat down on the floor.
“Too much!” I cried to everyone. “The cookie dough… no more!”
I moaned as I regretted having taken every bite.
“I should not have eaten all that dough! I know now - you were right!”

There was nothing I could do but wait, the ache would go away.
I knew it must eventually. It couldn’t stay all day.
I sat and waited patiently, and pouted; rubbed my tum.
Then I heard the ding-dong ring… the cookies! They were done!

Well, cookie dough and cookies are two very different things,
For my tummy feels much better once the oven timer rings.
It knows the fix for too much dough is cookies. I am sure.
It doesn’t really make much sense, but believe me it’s the cure!

By Carrie Heyes